Pilgrimage to Ireland

Category: Monthly Reflection


September 13 – 27 2016


It has been a long time since the last newsletter. I have moved from Black Mountain to Asheville and now live closer to Calvary Episcopal Church where I continue to serve as Priest Associate. The best part of the move was downsizing from a house with over 3,000 square feet to a tiny apartment of 800 square feet. I gave away a lot of furniture and other belongings and enjoyed letting go of “stuff.” The cats were not enthusiastic about losing their outdoor space but have adjusted to sitting on the balcony overlooking woods, birds and squirrels.

Pilgrims at Brigid's WellOn our last pilgrimage to Ireland in September 2014 a wonderful sense of community developed between the 15 participants, so much so that some want to go again! The itinerary will change slightly and, for the first time, we will briefly visit Northern Ireland and some sites associated with St. Patrick. The full itinerary is included on the website. We keep pilgrimages small in number, stay in comfortable hotels or B and B’s, gather each day for prayerful reflection and meet local clergy and people. The Arran Islands are always a highlight where we encounter far fewer tourists, hear the Irish language commonly spoken and meet folk whose way of life has changed far less than that of mainland Ireland.

On these journeys we follow the way of our forebears in faith and honor their wisdom. Celtic Spirituality puts us back in touch with the earth from which we came and connects us deeply to the Creator God who pronounces that it is “very good.”

Ireland is unique in its preservation of the Celtic Christian path visible in the High Crosses, Towers, Manuscripts, and places of worship. Why not join us for this next journey to the Emerald Isle?

The pilgrimage experience is very different from a tour packed with non-stop site-seeing and entertainment. Instead you will meet gracious, like-minded people who long to deepen their own spirituality through daily reflection, conversation and presence to the Mystery at the heart of All Life.


A Celtic Journey blessing:

May God shield us by each sheer drop,
May Christ keep us on each rock path,
May the Spirit fill us on each bare slope,
As we cross hill and plain,
Who live and reign,
One God forever. Amen