Category: Monthly Reflection


When the star appeared

you knew you had to follow,

journeying with this tiny light

through the darkness of their certainty.

“Believe this!” they said,

and you tried to embrace sureness

but always, just as you thought it was yours,

it slipped through your fingers,

falling in a thousand pieces

on the brittle ground.

The star waited until you were ready,

and slowly you began to hope

in it’s strange beckoning

as you stepped forward

into the dark night.

Along the way

many left the caravan,

and often you wondered at

the audacity of your hope

in this light.

You went as far as you could

before consulting the pundits.

They heard your questions -

and were afraid;

you knew you would not return

to the palaces of power.

As you journeyed on

you began to notice

that the light you followed

was within,

and one day you found the place

where the star burst into new-born life.

The sparks flew everywhere

in your hair, hands, heart

and you danced

on your beautiful scarred feet

with Dervish delight.

Then, from the deep purse of your being,

you flung into the singing air

the fragrances of




and knew that you were home.


    © Elizabeth Canham

photo by www.seiyaku.com