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Ask the Animals; Spiritual Wisdom from all God’s Creatures

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“Those who encounter the wildness of God are changed by the experience” writes Elizabeth Canham as she recalls her encounter with a ten month old lioness and the insight she received about the untamed Holy One. Her book ASK THE ANIMALS; Spiritual Wisdom from all God’s creatures  offers thirty meditations on creatures in England, Australia, Africa and the United States through which she experienced wisdom as they accompanied her on her faith journey. The elephant and the humpback whale find a place in this book but it also includes the pesky little fruit-fly and spider. Canham does not sentimentalize the creatures she meets but allows them to expand her vision of the sacred.

 Elizabeth Canham is a priest, ordained in the Episcopal Church...

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Finding Your Voice in the Psalms

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Finding Your Voice in the Psalms by Dr. Elizabeth Canham

“Canham has written a welcoming invitation to take up the Psalms in the actual practice of prayer. She is alive to image and metaphor as a way to reach deeper into the faith journey. A special feature is her invitation to readers, with suggestive instruction, that immersion in the Psalms will permit us to write our own. Thus the tradition continues in the practice of those who engage seriously the mystery of the companion who indwells these texts.”

Walter Bruggemann

Colimbia Theological Seminary

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A Table of Delight: Feasting with God in the Wilderness

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This book invites us to explore the wilderness places in our lives, both the unintended times of barrenness and the chosen “desert” times as opportunity for holy Encounter. We can learn to recognize grace-filled moments when God provides sustenance in the wilderness of our lives. Elizabeth Canham’s personal sharing and questions for readers encourage reflection, journal writing, and creativity as pathways to deepening prayer.

“Weaving her own pilgrim journey into stories of biblical and Celtic journeys, Elizabeth Canham voices the truth that the outer, external pilgrimages of our lives are of little value unless we are willing to make the most important inner journey into our own wilderness places. Something turned over in my heart while I was reading A Table of Delight. I was deep...

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Heart Whispers: Benedictine Wisdom for Today

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Heart Whispers

For six years Elizabeth Canham lived in an Episcopal Benedictine Monastery where the rhythm work, silence, prayer, solitude and community time impacted her own journey. St. Benedict’s Rule, written in the sixth century CE, contains so much wisdom that is relevant today.

Heart Whispers offers accessible insights from Benedictine spirituality to help us explore the need for faithful living in today’s often stress-filled world. Through listening with “the ear of the heart,” the sixth century monk Benedict gained a fresh perspective on Christian spirituality as he lived by three simple vows: stability, obedience and conversion.

Elizabeth Canham guides readers to a daily rhythm that balances work and rest, study and play...

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