Ask the Animals; Spiritual Wisdom from all God’s Creatures

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“Those who encounter the wildness of God are changed by the experience” writes Elizabeth Canham as she recalls her encounter with a ten month old lioness and the insight she received about the untamed Holy One. Her book ASK THE ANIMALS; Spiritual Wisdom from all God’s creatures  offers thirty meditations on creatures in England, Australia, Africa and the United States through which she experienced wisdom as they accompanied her on her faith journey. The elephant and the humpback whale find a place in this book but it also includes the pesky little fruit-fly and spider. Canham does not sentimentalize the creatures she meets but allows them to expand her vision of the sacred.

 Elizabeth Canham is a priest, ordained in the Episcopal Church. In her book she makes many connections with the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures but it is accessible to readers of various faith traditions.  The God language of the book is gender inclusive and the author acknowledges many paths to the divine. Ask the Animals contains stories expressing mystery, hope, creativity, flexibility, laughter, ingenuity, solitude, trust, joy and many more. The book celebrates the wonders of creation and human responsibility for our earth including the imperative to honor our four legged, finned, winged and creeping neighbors who share the planet.


Author Ann Robertson says of this book: “With a clear sense of the sacramental wisdom of Creation, Elizabeth Canham takes us on a global safari through the mystery of God.” Each meditation ends with a Biblical passage for reflection, a question and a prayer.




ASK THE ANIMALS; Spiritual Wisdom from all God’s creatures  is published by Morehouse Publishing, NY. ISBN – 13;978-0-8192-2232-9 (pbk)