Welcome to Hospites Mundi

Hospites Mundi (guests of the world) offers programs to support spiritual seekers and to deepen our awareness of the sacredness of the earth. We are grounded in Christianity but we welcome people of other faith traditions to join us and to share their wisdom.  Some events take place in facilities located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina but we also offer pilgrimages to other parts of our country and world.  The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Canham, director of Hospites Mundi, has been leading groups on pilgrimage since 1974 to Israel, Egypt, Greece, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland and South Africa. We travel with open hearts, sometimes to sites of those who have gone before us who are recognized as saints, but also to places where the struggle for justice is paramount.  These journeys are not tours – we travel reflectively and with the expectation of insights and experience which will impact our daily lives. Retreats are designed to offer space and time to focus on our spiritual journey and relationship with God; Workshops are offered on such themes as Dreams, Meditative dance, Biblical studies (LectioDivina,) Creativity, Celtic Spirituality, Prayer and Spiritual Guidance.

The ministry of Hospites Mundi began in 2003 in response to requests for spiritual support by individuals and groups.  Our purpose is to listen to the concerns and hungers expressed by church-goers as well as those who have found the institutional church no longer feeds their souls, and to respond to those longings.